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Because you are encouraged to follow lots of different people – those you know and those you don’t – and because you don’t require their permission to do so, Twitter is a more informal and loosely connected network.

Facebook, on the other hand, is much more personal.

You simply have to be logged in to your Twitter account and your Facebook account, and navigate to the app page:

Then, just click “Allow” when asked if you want to connect your two accounts, and voila! After setting this up, all of your tweets will be simultaneously posted to your Facebook profile, with a little note at the bottom mentioning that it came from Twitter.

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Your Twitter account posts your tweets on your Facebook Timeline automatically only if you've linked the two accounts.

You friend people who have to accept your friend request, implying some level of familiarity.

”, your Facebook friends will quickly become annoyed.The people you’re connected to on Twitter expect different things than those you’re connected to on Facebook (even if most of them are the same group of people).Twitter is a high-volume network, where you can tweet ten or twenty times a day and no one will say boo.There is no way to turn this feature off in Twitter; you can only do so from within your Facebook account.(See References 1 and 2) Isobel Phillips has been writing technical documentation, marketing and educational resources since 1980.

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By posting your tweets to your Facebook profile, you’ll inundate your Facebook friends with status update after status update, taking over their newsfeed and appearing spammy.

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