Stone implements dating from 9000 to 2400bc

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Stone implements dating from 9000 to 2400bc

At least seven stone circles, covering 25 acres (10 ha), contain limestone pillars carved with animals, insects, and birds.

Stone tools were used by perhaps as many as hundreds of people to create the pillars, which might have supported roofs.

Other early PPNA sites dating to around 9500–9000 BC have been found in Jericho, West Bank (notably Ain Mallaha, Nahal Oren, and Kfar Ha Horesh), Gilgal in the Jordan Valley, and Byblos, Lebanon.

The start of Neolithic 1 overlaps the Tahunian and Heavy Neolithic periods to some degree. In the proto-Neolithic Natufian cultures, wild cereals were harvested, and perhaps early seed selection and re-seeding occurred. Emmer wheat was domesticated, and animals were herded and domesticated (animal husbandry and selective breeding).

In 2006, remains of figs were discovered in a house in Jericho dated to 9400 BC.

The figs are of a mutant variety that cannot be pollinated by insects, and therefore the trees can only reproduce from cuttings.

In other parts of the world, such as Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, independent domestication events led to their own regionally distinctive Neolithic cultures that arose completely independently of those in Europe and Southwest Asia.Neolithic cultures are also attested in southeastern Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia by around 8000 BC.The prehistoric Beifudi site near Yixian in Hebei Province, China, contains relics of a culture contemporaneous with the Cishan and Xinglongwa cultures of about 6000–5000 BC, neolithic cultures east of the Taihang Mountains, filling in an archaeological gap between the two Northern Chinese cultures.The total excavated area is more than 1,200 square yards (1,000 m A temple area in southeastern Turkey at Göbekli Tepe dated around 9500 BC may be regarded as the beginning of the period.This site was developed by nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, evidenced by the lack of permanent housing in the vicinity and may be the oldest known human-made place of worship.

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Some of the enclosures also suggest grain and meat storage.

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