External excel links not updating

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External excel links not updating

You should consider installing Semantic Bundle and other extensions that extend markup before devoting a lot of manual effort to what may end up being an unsupportable set of conventions.

Ironically it's easier to embed mediawiki content in Wordpress than in mediawiki itself.

Use Mod Wiki is a Perl script which uses a database of text files to generate a Wiki Wiki site.

It usually runs as a CGI script in response to web requests, but can be called directly by other Perl programs.

Some users of both like PRwatch/Source Watch make use of this approach.

So-called "embedded wikis" are never mediawiki-based due to this lack of capability, developers who want to embed wiki into other social media or websites almost never use mediawiki.

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Wikipedia did not support the Get Wiki approach to live mirroring for load reasons and perhaps to avoid early forks of "community".

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