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Patch Link This patch was designed by Ed Grothus for the University of California, Los Alamos.All of the employees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) were employees of the University of California.

At the reception at the Governor’s mansion, he was thrilled to meet Nancy Wood, author of “Hollering Sun” a book of poetry he quoted in his acceptance speech.

Up until know, a small but significant percentage of total knee replacement patients have been unhappy with their surgery because the new knee “hurts”, is “too tight”, is ”too loose”, or just “doesn’t feel right”.

Custom Fit technology is now being shown to improve on this situation and provide a better chance for a given patient to have a perfect result. To me it is a knee that works great and feels great.

This means that the knee obtains a full range of motion (bends and straightens all the way) and feels great with no pain or instability.

In short, a perfect result feels like a natural, normal knee.

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